Transcend Incarceration Prison Project

Our Mission: To be GOOD NEWS to those who are detained or incarcerated in New York City by walking alongside, inspiring, and showing God’s love to them


TRANSCEND seeks to encourage, empower and uplift members of the community who are incarcerated

through our presence, our material gifts, and our talents.

TRANSCEND consists of the following initiatives:

  • Faith In Re-Entry (FIRE) Program with individuals at Rikers Island, in which trained volunteers establish an on-going relationship with an incarcerated individual, meeting with him or her once every two weeks while they are in the facility and at least six months after they are out. Background check is required.
  • Partnering with Horizon Juvenile Center to provide the youth with a creative outlet through our Art Empowerment Program, decorate their living space through our Adopt-A-Hall initiative, and conduct donation drives through FCBC to collect items that the facility requests.
  • Periodically sending care packages to the incarcerated loved ones of our church family members. In partnership with the Deacons.

How to get INVOLVED:

  • Contact to let us know you’d like to begin working with RIKERS, Horizon Juvenile Center, or to help with care packages.
  • If you work with Rikers, you will have to complete an extensive background check and orientation before visiting the facility. We will assist you in that process.
  • TRANSCEND is always in need of artists (dancers, visual artists, writers, actors) to helpwith our Art Empowerment program at Horizon Juvenile Center. This program takes place every other month.

There are many ways to get involved, ranging from bi-weekly facility visits to helping out atthe church once in a while. Whether you want to visit, teach, donate, decorate or organize, we need you. 

Download Transcend Prison Projects Brochure