R.I.S.E. Music Ministry

“Empowering God’s People to Worship FREELY!”

R.I.S.E. will focus on two primary activities this year that will help us to grow as a ministry and continue with one of our church-wide themes of being Chosen for Greatness...Called to Serve:

  • As a ministry, we plan to fellowship as one throughout the year; and
  • As a ministry, we will minister at various venues outside of the walls of FCBC. 

We thank God that you have been led to join R.I.S.E.—Radical Individuals Shaping the Environment! We do this by ministering through music. The mission of R.I.S.E is to empower God’s people to worship freely. As members of this ministry, we must be fully committed to God, united in our God-given assignment, and prepared to serve God and one another with all of our hearts. Therefore, it is crucial that every member know that this is the ministry to which they are called and in which they are gifted.

The focus of this ministry is God Himself – to build a ministry that has only one desire – to worship and bring glory to God alone. As “ministers of music,” our purpose is not to showcase our talents or to draw attention to ourselves in any way; rather, it is to self-lessly direct the hearts of those we are leading toward God in worship. An attitude of humility is essential.


Worship Preparation

Rehearsals are usually held on Wednesday evenings, Saturday mornings and Saturday afternoons. As a member of the ministry, you will be given a calendar of rehearsals and engagements. Please note that rehearsal attendance is mandatory. Please alert your section leader if you need to miss rehearsal (e.g., emergencies, illness, vacations) or have a re-occurring commitment that will prevent you from attending a rehearsal (e.g., school, work schedule).

How do I Join the Ministry?

All prospective members must first schedule a voice hearing. Upon successful comple-tion and passing of the voice hearing, then all prospective members must attend the regularly-scheduled R.I.S.E. Orienta-tion (please listen for announcements), dur-ing which you will have an opportunity to meet the R.I.S.E leaders; review the R.I.S.E. expectations and rehearsal sched-ule; and have an informal “quick chat” with the R.I.S.E. leaders.

All new members must:

  • Be a member of First Corinthian Baptist Church (not a requirement for the Young Dreamers or Teen Choirs) and have completed the FCBC New Member Orientation (New Life Class);
  • Be able to recognize vocal pitches, harmonize, blend, and retain the notes within his/her section. This is vital as we are called to lead God’s people through song;
  • Be prayerful and determine that this is the ministry that God has called them to join; and
  • Have a loving, welcoming, and open spirit! We are a family, and we love to have a good time!

Please contact us at RISE@fcbcnyc.org for further information.

Download RISE Ministry Brochure