God's Anointed in Motion Ministry

Mission Statement To ignite an atmosphere of true worship and praise through the ministry of dance.

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To utilize true worship, praise, service and the ministry of dance to transform any atmosphere into one that God inhabits. 

We prep/practice on: Mondays, 6:60-8:30pm and Thursdays, 7-9pm 

God’s Anointed In Motion Ministry (GAIM) is FCBC’s liturgical dance ministry open to all men and women who want to translate God’s message through the art of dance. Liturgical Dance is an expression of movement that helps usher in the spirit of worship and praise to God. GAIM not only sets an atmosphere of worship and praise but is a ministry that builds relationships, promotes healthier living, encourages spiritual growth and community service.  

We use various styles of dance such as Ballet, African, Contemporary, Flags, Hip Hop, Jazz and more. As God’s vessels, we set the atmosphere through dances of praise, worship, celebration, warfare, travail and prophecy. 

Guiding Scripture:  

Romans 12 

Our Ministry Focus Is: 

To equip ministry members to more fully serve and minister in their individual capacities 

Supporting individuals in growing in their relationship with God by being disciples of Jesus Christ 

Developing self worth, gifts and help all to identify who they are and what God is calling for them to be and do beyond where they are now 

Creating and maintaining an environment of love, support and accountability  

Teaching healthy living 

Building more leaders 

To teach spiritual truths and dance basics 

Inspiring movement in everyone regardless of perceived limitations, while continuing to develop the art and skill of dance for use as a ministry tool  

To take God’s message out of the immediate community 

Minister to the whole person: spiritual, physical, and mental (soul) 

What we do in community: 

We participate in FCBC Live Love Serve initiatives to generate and facilitate service activities in the community. We also find areas of need in NYC communities, participate in existing fellowship and service opportunities and create ways to serve and help those in need. We also minister outside FCBC through invitations to other churches, fellowships and events. 

Join GAIM 

God’s Anointed In Motion Refiners Fire Orientation is open to all members of FCBC biannually in April and September.  Please look for upcoming announcements in the following: